Total Beauty Taps Nick Arrojo, ARROJO Product for Tips & Tricks On Achieving Great Hair

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Seeking stylist-approved tips for great hair made easy, Carmen Williams, writing for leading publication Total Beauty, asked Nick Arrojo for his expert opinion on everything from product recommendations to framing the face to care and upkeep to bombshell bangs. Read Nick’s key quotes below, or see the original story here.

"Frame your face properly"

Nick Arrojo from Arrojo salon says, "I'm not into hard and fast beauty rules; life's too short."

But, there are still some guidelines that can help you have a great hair day every day. Firstly, create an eye-catching face frame with your hairstyle.

"It may be a cliche, but it is also true: Your eyes are the windows to the soul. A hairstyle should be designed to complement them, so focus on a face-frame to expose and highlight eyes," says Arrojo. "That's where we communicate, and it's where we have most shape — the eyebrows, the cheekbones, the temples. Enhance these features with great hair."

"Get rid of the tangles"

This may seem like a silly one, but Arrojo is adamant that it is important to comb out those tangles as they make hair harder to style and therefore harder to handle.

"Ladies with mid-length or long hair usually have a few tangles," says Arrojo. "Start by combing through the final two-to-three inches of your hair using Arrojo Cream Whip, $23, to help detangle, condition and soften the hair and comb through to the tips. Then, work your way back, combing through the next three inches or so and continue like this until you reach your roots." Arrojo also says that a great detangling brush can also do the trick.

"Condition more often than you shampoo"

If you've ever heard anyone say you shouldn't condition as much as you shampoo, do not listen: That is wrong information.

"Condition hair more often than you shampoo because conditioner is what gives hair texture, moisture, and shine," says Arrojo. "Conditioner not only makes your hair look and feel softer and smoother, it also calms your hair down, making it easier to shape and style." Try Arrojo Gentle Conditioner.

"Don't underestimate dry shampoo"

"One of the best product innovations for years, dry shampoo is great for the modern girl about town," says Arrojo. "It means you can wet shampoo less, and good dry shampoos also have styling and texturizing benefits. I work with my dry shampoo all the time."

"Get a regular trim"

"The ends of your hair are the oldest part of the hair shaft, and as such they are more prone to breakage, dryness and frizz. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to cut off the dead ends and maintain your most lustrous locks," says Arrojo.

"Don't use too much heat"

Heat styling can be great when you want to create your look in a hurry, but excessive use of hot irons, etc can cause dryness and damage, which in turn makes your hair more difficult to manage, according to Arrojo. "If you do heat style, make sure to use a good thermal protector."

Images used in graphic from the original Total Beauty Story.