ARROJO IZUNAMI AP-450 Smoothing Iron

ARROJO IZUNAMI AP-450 Smoothing Iron


ARROJO IZUNAMI AP-450 Smoothing Iron

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A pioneering hot-tool perfect for sleek, straight smooth looks with poise and polish. The AP-450 Smoothing Iron was designed and crafted using the most advanced technology for quality you can count on. We offer a 1 year exchange warranty from the original purchase date.

Features Independent Temperature Control which self-regulates heat to each panel. Preferred by professionals, this characteristic reduces the risk of heat damage to the hair.

Using Rapid Engagement and Quick Disengagement technology to reset the temperature times per second, the iron maintains consistent heat from roots to ends, resulting in better looks created in half the time.

Accurate Heat & Temperature display helps you to tailor the level of heat according to hair type, condition, and the application you want. Heats from 200 to 450 degrees, making it perfect for everything from fine, delicate hair to thick, coarse, or keratin-treated.

The diamond-infused tourmaline-ceramic plates create enriched negative ions which provide extra-long-lasting smoothness and incredible shine.

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