level 1 stylist - cutting/styling

Specialties: Scissor & Razor Cutting. Blow-drying. Styling.

Born with a bug for beauty, Roe worked as a salon receptionist as she sped through a Business Marketing Degree. Completing college a year early, Roe followed her passion. She enrolled at ARROJO Cosmetology School, graduated with honors, and joined our team. Today, she is in the business of marketing her skills as a modern creative stylist. As a hair cutter, Roe blends precise technique, artistic flair, and an eye for trends. An outstanding talent, she travels with ARROJO Creative to prestigious events like America’s Beauty Show. With her positive outlook, Roe enjoys every moment with every client. “There is no joy greater than creating a style that makes a person look and feel good about themselves,” she says. Raised in Queens, Roe is a native New Yorker with a charming twang.