1. Fusion
  2. Short to Long Cut
  3. The New Shag
Trend Volume 2 DVD

Trend Volume 1 teaches how to create disconnection, and how to create asymmetry. Trend Volume 2 teaches how to use dynamic techniques that allow for disconnected asymmetry. Learn, also, the execution of a newly invented spiraling layer technique, and extraordinary sectioning patterns that give newfound freedom to create. These are the latest trends and practices in advanced, razor-cutting. Put them in your arsenal and be a master of your craft.


A new technique for blending asymmetry and disconnection. Learn to shape aggressive, heavy layers that give unparalleled freedom and movement. Presented by Nick Arrojo. Also features a bonus color technique from color master, James Edick.

Short to Long Cut

Learn to use diamond-shaped sections for layering and asymmetry; create space in short to long cuts; and tailor texture with the angle of the blade. Presented by Amanda Jenkins. Also features a bonus color technique from color master, Abby Theis.

The New Shag

Features a new sectioning pattern and a new spiraling, windmill-shaped layering technique. Together they create a new kind of shaggy long layer cut: round on one side, flat on the other. Presented by Lina Arrojo.