1. Advanced Asymmetry
  2. Advanced Graduation
  3. Advanced Layering
Scissor Advanced DVD


Once fundamentals are mastered, it is time to learn advanced skills. This DVD is for cutters who want to evolve their work with innovative, edgy, fashion-forward scissor-cut styles. We examine creative sectioning patterns that shape versatile layers, progressive graduations, and avant-garde asymmetry. We combine them with technical and creative cutting, and promote an intuitive understanding of shape, function, and form.
ARROJO education teaches techniques that can be put into practice straightaway. We empower stylists to use a modern and creative, precision-based method to create fashion-forward and functional, beautiful, wearable hair.
Advanced Asymmetry

Learn to maximize strength and structure in asymmetrical, scissor-cut shapes. Going from horizontal to vertical graduation, and then back to the horizontal plane, this progressive technique is cut on curly hair, and shows how to create a tight nape, length in the front, and a beautiful, expanded shape. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Advanced Graduation

Working from a strong outline at the jawline, and moving into graduation with square layering in the back, master a seamless graduated shape. This advanced technique features an overhang through the top, and also teaches how to texturize the inside of the cut with deep point-cutting. Presented by Lina Arrojo.

Advanced Layering

This creative technique shows how to marry layering with extended length in the front. Using interlocking triangular sectioning patterns for clean, consistent layers, and elevated cutting to engender softness, this is a versatile, fashion-forward, and sophisticated scissor cut. This skill also teaches how to create texture on the ends with shallow point cutting. Presented by Gerard Scarpaci.