1. Razor Graduation
  2. Razor Long Layer
  3. Razor Short Layer
Razor Fundamentals 2 DVD

With new techniques, new insights and inspirations, Razor Fundamentals 2 presents a fresh, contemporary take on the razor cuts featured on the original Razor Fundamentals, our best-selling educational DVD. Learn the art of creative razor-cutting as incisive tutorials highlight a contemporary approach to long layers, graduated bobs, and short, graduated layer cuts, brought to life through intelligent demonstration by Nick Arrojo, pioneer of this signature instrument.

Razor Graduation

Learn to use the razor to create gorgeous, precise graduation, applying the flat of the blade to let the razor do the work. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Razor Long Layer

Learn to elevate the hair so as not to over-layer, working within the guideline to create perfect length, and face-framing layers. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Razor Short Layer

Learn to section the hair from the axis, and razor cut strong structure within the shape, whilst retaining visible softness and movement. Presented by Nick Arrojo.