1. Backstory
  2. Prohibition
  3. The Duality of Color 1
  4. The Duality of Color 2
Expo DVD

ARROJO expo is a two-day event of education and inspirational new hairdressing practices. Now we present four trailblazing techniques from the expo show. Including advanced razor-cutting, fashion forward cutting for men, and two progressive color applications, this is a lofty and rarefied close-up at the way world-class stylists create innovation in the industry.


Presenting a contemporary approach to a short crop cut. Curved sections, triangular paneling, dynamic short-to-long razor-cutting, and over-direction enable fluidity, softness and texture. Presented by Lina Arrojo


A men’s razor-cut, inspired by the Prohibition era. Learn to combine texture and elevation with structure and shape. Eliminate bulk, add softness, and discover how to connect sections visually and technically. Presented by Amanda Jenkins.

The Duality of Color 1

Learn to use innovative yet technical foil patterns for control, flexibility, and a visual indication of the effect of the color. Establish how to employ the ombre technique to fade from dark to light. Presented by James Edick.

The Duality of Color 2

Learn to use color blocking to create beautiful depth and dimension. Discover how to expertly employ a stunning melting effect. Ascertain how to 'paint' color on to hair, freestyle, for improved precision. Presented by Abbey Theis.