As hairdressers and product manufacturers we aim to educate clients about proper haircare at home. Using the right products the right way helps people to enjoy great hair everyday. A recent client visit to ARROJO NYC proved the point. The client didn’t know how to style her thick, unruly hair –– until we showed her how to use Defrizz Serum... 
“I recently had a heartwarming experience with a client in the salon,” says Corrinn Dinan, stylist at ARROJO NYC. “She has been coming to me for a year. Her hair is gorgeous, and she has lots and lots of it! The texture isn’t difficult but the density can make it time-consuming to get it dry with a sleek finish.
“I find Defrizz Serum to be my go-to for taming the hair, slimming it down, sleekness, and difficult blow-dries in general. My client wanted to speed up her blowdrying time without sacrificing the finish. Like a light, my mind switched on to Defrizz Serum.” 
The benefits of a lot of professional grade products is activated by heat. Corrinn showed her client how to activate the serum by using high heat on the dryer in combination with a boar bristle round brush (the best brush for smoothing and taming) blowdry to achieve a sleek, shiny, and manageable finish in about half the time it was taking her before. 
“It was a breakthrough moment,” adds Corrinn. “My client was so happy, not only with the result, but with the realization of an easy and effective styling technique that she could use at home to look and feel beautiful, and to save time.” 
After years of struggle, her hair suddenly became much more manageable and easy to get through; it made a positive difference to her life. 
As she said to Corrinn when she came back for a trim a couple of months later, with a bottle of Defrizz in her hand.... “This product has changed my life....I never really bought into the importance of professional products until I used this one.”  
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