Conceptualized, cut and styled by ARROJO stylist Renée Haldeman this combination scissor and razor cut characterizes a new era of laid back and versatile grooming for guys. The 1990s-inspired style resembles the long top and short sides of a high top, but with extra length preserved in the front, an array of styling options abound for the guy about town.... 
“This is a statement cut for guys,” says Renée. “Most of my male clients want easy, versatile styling options in a strong, masculine shape. The cut is totally disconnected through the back. I created a fade with a classic scissor over comb technique and used a razor to plane through, which makes the distinctive weight line. Maintaining the length in the front keeps it versatile. The black and white photography reflects the rugged men’s trends of the 1990s, while the two other shots show off the hair color. Color trends have moved far, with candy-coated and gelato dip-dyes so fashionable for girls. I wanted to show a way for men to adopt this trend. The metallic blue is inspired by denim.” 
Here’s how Renée styled this cut five different ways: 
Colored, Curly & Pushed Back: “I towel-dried the hair and pulsed a few layers of refinish dry shampoo into the roots to amp up the naturally curly texture. I used my fingers and a comb to tousle the hair backwards and added primp working spray to create hold. A light coat of defining cream put shine into the weight line.” 
Colored, Curly & Pushed Forward: “Here I wanted to make a feature out of the length and curl in the front. I used refinish dry shampoo to create body and texture through the front and shook the hair out with hands.”   
Tidy Side-Part: “This tidier style with a classic men’s part is great for work days. I used hydro mist to saturate the hair and blew it out straight. Then I applied pomade, using a comb and my fingers to groom into shape. Pomade is great to control and polish, adding shine to any style.” 
The Side Sweep: “Here the hair was blown out using hair creme, which is made for languid looking styles. As I dried, I used my fingers to tousle the shape, giving the hair soft movement and texture. Then I made a side part and swept the long section over the top.” 
The Man Knot: Men have bad hair days too. This masculine top knot is perfect when a guy doesn’t want to work at it. It also gives another opportunity to make a feature out of the weight line in the back. I used styling creme through the top. The product adds hold and density, perfect for binding together a top knot. To finish I used creme wax to make it matte and create contrast. 
Cutting & Styling: Renée Haldeman using ARROJO product 
Hair Color: Ali Eskridge 
Makeup: Taylor Garrity 
Photography: Niki Vasilyev