For hair with more body, Volume Foam & Shipping gift with $60+ online orders. Lightweight, rich in vitamins & amino acids, Volume Foam creates fullness, bounce, hold & support. Offer valid till Nov 6. Get styling tips below or shop & save now. 
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The Classic Full Blow-Out: Volume Foam’s airy and lightweight consistency makes it easy to apply where volume is created: at the roots. Towel-dry hair to damp and apply handfuls of Volume Foam, roots to ends. Now blow-dry in the same root to tip direction, allowing the brush and the dryer to do the work. 
The Softness with Volume 2-4-1: Pair Volume Foam with Cream Whip to get the extra fullness and hold of volume foam, with the extra shine and softness and luster of Whip. 
Mix generous helpings of the products together in palms and apply to hair, roots to ends. Blow-dry with a boar bristle round brush for the most smoothness with volume. 
Bouncy Bombshell Waves: Using Volume Foam as a body-building base is a great foundation for creating big, bouncy bombshell waves. Apply Volume Foam to damp hair and blow-dry loosely in hands, creating a full natural texture. Mist hair with Protective Thickening Lotion; curl in opposite directions with a wand.
Dry Hair Upside Down For Loose Fullness: Short on time? Rough-drying hair upside-down allows gravity to lift the strands away from your scalp, for a quick way to full bouncy styles. Work a handful of volume foam through hair before flipping over, and blasting dry. Spray in ReFINISH dry shampoo for more grip, body and movement.
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