Plans For Expansion Create Job Opportunities In All Areas

We aim to be the most talent-rich hairdressing brand in the United States because a great culture starts with great people. As we prepare to enter a new era of expansion, we have job opportunities in all areas....

Apprentices & Stylists:
Our salon is filled with a warm and welcoming education culture and we accept applications from experienced stylists, and cosmetology graduates. We ask all applicants to specialize in either cut or color. Experienced stylists with the right skills can become a full-time stylist straight away. Recent cosmetology graduates start as an apprentice, and take advanced hairdressing classes five times a week in accordance with our apprentice-training program. After completing the program, you’ll have a world-class skill set and can become a fully-fledged ARROJO stylist. For all stylists, there are opportunities to teach, create editorials, and to travel globally with our show and seminar team.
Our boutique cosmetology school boasts the most advanced, inspirational, career-shaping curriculum in the country. We also have the industry’s best educators. We teach with passion, commitment, skill, craft, kindness, patience, knowledge, open hearts and minds. Joining our faculty staff puts you in position to shape the future of our industry. To be considered applicants must have a minimum of two years current hairdressing experience with expert technical knowledge of precision-based cutting, coloring, and chemical services. Applicants must also possess great communication and presentation skills, and be willing to work a flexible schedule.
Product Sales Force:
As an independent product manufacturer and distributor we now share the ARROJO product line with more than 250 salons in North America. It’s a program that puts connectivity, craftsmanship, education, and mutual success at its heart. For these reasons the program is growing exponentially. As we move towards putting a footprint in each town and city in America we are now looking to build a product sales force that can introduce our products and culture to hairdressers and business owners who are looking for better and more successful relationships with their product partners. Applicants must possess a track record of effective relationship building, and want to work as part of a close knit team that is passionate about sharing the products and the culture of ARROJO.
Creative Careers In All Areas:
We welcome career applications in the following categories: Client coordinators and salon managers, sales and marketing, graphic design and copy-writing, press & PR, accounting, beauty product development, and administration. And whoever you are, whatever you do, if you feel you can add something special to our team, please tell us about your skills, and how it can benefit our brand. For any of these positions relevant experience, talent, and dedication to the continued development of ARROJO are a must. Being Mac literate, creative and pro-active are other essential ingredients.

To apply for a position in any of the categories noted above, please email your resume and cover letter to: