Ice Blonde is the New Black

From Cruella de Vil to Khaleesi, ice blonde hair makes a bold & powerful statement. The trend has transitioned from the big screen to the city streets and we want to know how we can achieve the icy shade, the right way.
Tessa Sprauer, ARROJO SoHo colorist and blonde specialist gave BRIDES Magazine the inside scoop on how to go Ice Blonde.
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“The shade is trending, but it's always been in style—it’s the new platinum blonde,” says Tessa Sprauer, a colorist at ARROJO Soho. Basically, it's a blonde so blonde it's bordering on silver. The names of the shades mean something different to everyone, so to avoid any confusion, we recommend bringing one of the photos below to your colorist to nail the exact tone you want!
First things first: “The color is hard to achieve,” she warns. “It must be lifted past the yellow stage, and then a purple-based toner is applied, which fades over time.” Your colorist might use a multitude of techniques, whether that’s an all-over bleach and tone or highlights. But when you finally reach the result? Sweet, sweet victory (much like the kind the aforementioned blonde is hoping for...).
Don’t forget: it can take a few sessions (and a loooot of patience) to reach that cool shade, so plan your appointments out accordingly the year leading up to your wedding. Also, make sure your last session is about a week before the big day—the iciness of the blonde tends to fade with each wash (we recommend a good purple shampoo), so it’s better to get the color fresh.
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Check out some of ARROJO NYC's Ice Blonde shades below. Want to talk a walk on the icy side? Call 1-212-242-7786 to book your next color appointment now!
Color by Tessa @ ARROJO SoHo
Icy Balayage by Zach @ ARROJO Williamsburg
Color by Tessa @ ARROJO SoHo
Cut by Alex @ ARROJO TriBeCa