Two things that sets our brand apart: We create original hairdressing techniques and we know how to put on a rip-roaring show. For our West Coast Summit at AJF Sacramento (July 19-20), we put these skills together for an uplifting two days with hundreds of hairdressers. 
Starring Nick Arrojo, Patrick McIvor, and our world-renowned Artistic Team in collaboration with our hosts, Adam Federico and the AJF Team, the Sunday evening Exposé presentation gave a close up look at our latest trends and techniques in creative cutting, coloring, American Wave, and styling. Showing shapes, shades and textures from New York’s vanguard, the bespoke offerings gave to our friends further west a signature of our modern and creative, precision-based approach to hairdressing. 
On day two show-goers benefited from a day of breakout education. After a night of inspiration and celebration, we reconvened on Monday for a full day of hands-on learning. Attendees got to choose to practice one of three ARROJO disciplines featured in the presentations from the night before: razor cutting, hair painting, or American Wave texture transformations. 
No attitude or aloofness, just the sharing of skills and ideas that all professionals can use for a better, more enjoyable and successful career –– our West Coast Summit allows us to share what we believe a congress of hairstylists should be with our peers out West. 
Thanks to AJF Sacramento for being our gracious hosts as we enjoyed coast to coast craftsmanship and creativity. 
The next Main Event from ARROJO is EXPO NYC, October 25-26. We host more than 40 hands hands-on seminars in our Advanced Academy every year; view them here. Or to carry our product by join our Ambassador Program, please email:
Images: Nicholas Wray