We love working with like-minded types who elevate hairdressing by bringing professionals together for collective learning. So when Angela Presti, founder of Prestige Au Courant, a MidWestern brand providing high profile education to smaller urban markets, invited ARROJO onto a Cleveland stage, Nick Arrojo was the first on the plane. 
A sophisticated 200+ strong crowd included many salon business owners from Cleveland and its environs. From Nick and his Artistic Team, they were treated to virtuoso razor cutting demonstrations. 
Cutting three models live on stage, Nick shows why he is revered as the world’s foremost razor cutter. Concisely covering the fundamentals of his skills, attendees learn everything from how to correctly hold and move the razor to Nick’s original techniques for creating space, texture, and movement with the straightedge blade. 
As the cuts took shape, they also came to life. Trend-conscious, cool, and wearable they show the softness and fluidity of today’s most fashionable and desirable styles.
For an audience enthralled, it was only half of Nick’s inspiration. During the demos, he also detailed ARROJO’s culture of hairdressing education and how it underpins the success of America’s biggest independent hairdressing brand. 
“We practice a modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing method, and we take pride in our standards of excellence and integrity,” said Nick. “Our holistic philosophy fuels a culture of creative energy and inspiration, which in turn drives the passion, pride, professionalism that makes us strive to be the best in the world at what we do.” 
Rounding off a perfect evening of education and inspiration, a celebration featuring red carpet photo opportunities, DJs and dancing, cocktailing and mingling. 
We especially thank Angela Presti and her team at Prestige Au Courant for being such gracious hosts and putting on such a fabulous show. 
Photos: Orville McEachron