With Vogue’s editors noting “designers embraced the beauty of natural hair” while gushing over “Textured waves. . .loosely tousled from the city breeze,” texture topped the bill at NY Fashion Week. Want to learn the new fashion and beauty trends? ARROJO Texture Summit , March 6-7
The release of our Cosmic-POP collection at the end of 2015 signaled that we felt texture would be big in 2016. As we planned our education calendar for 2016, we believed it was vital to include a texture-focused event in springtime, to share the fresh and fashionable approach to big, wavy and curly styles that we felt sure would be popular this year. 
So we created our first ever Texture Summit , March 6-7. It includes five bite-size events that anyone can attend during a trip to New York for the hair show, including three hands-on classes, an Exposé Show, and a Happy Mondays that includes demonstration of our latest styling and cutting techniques for modern textures. 
Naturally we felt delighted, and vindicated, when the NY Fashion Week reviews came in. 
Vogue championed the texture trend, writing of the Michael Kors show: “As though the models had been for a hair-whipping spin in a top-down convertible.” 
And then of the Altuzarra Show: “Soft brushed-out waves on models Alanna Arrington, Pooja Mor, and Frederikke Sofie provided a natural spin on the voluminous hairstyle that felt starkly romantic.” 
That’s quite the endorsement for texture from the world’s most influential fashion magazine. 
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See you at the Texture Summit , March 6-7! 
Photo: Getty Images for Cristina Ruales // Showing ARROJO stylists creating the beauty look for the Cristina Ruales NYFW show.