A hotpot of new creative classes facilitated by world-class Guest Educators add dynamic variety to the industry-leading collection of hands-on seminars available at ARROJO Academy NYC in 2016. 
These Guest Educator seminars cut to the zeitgeist of hairdressing. 
Working with ARROJO Ambassador Salon Owners and Stylists we’ve been inspired by the skills of many of the hairdressers and educators we’ve met along the way. We’ve found new passions, fresh perspectives, intriguing themes. 
It's time to champion the work of some of these incredible artists with seminars that put their techniques center-stage. 
Trend-forward, artistic, and pioneering each Guest Educator class offers the chance to learn, practice, and master specialized disciplines of hair cutting, like cutting dry, cutting curls, cutting creatively. They are designed to keep stylists au courant with the hairdressing vanguard. 
Each guest will lead and facilitate a two day, hands-on mannequin workshop of their own making, and focusing on their hairdressing specialties. 
Guest Educator Class Schedule 
Date: May 15-16. 
Guests: David Gatt & Jason Smith, Co-Owners Square Root Salon
Seminar Info: In this Dry Haircutting Class, David & Jason take an innovative approach to teach a systematic way to make dry hair cutting easy and effective, fluid and beautiful. 
Date: July 17-18. 
Guests: Stephen Adams, Owner Moxie Salon
Seminar Info: In this Working Curls Class, Stephen Adams teaches an inspirational stylist’s guide to cutting curls confidently and creatively, whether the texture is wavy, spirally, or heavily textured.  
Date: August 21-22. 
Guest: DJ Muldoon, Owner, The Factory.
Seminar Info: In a class titled Knowledge Destroys Fear, DJ guides and facilitates in a cutting class designed to elevate artistic energy and inspiration by joining the classic with the creative.  
There is limited availability for each Guest Educator Seminar listed above. 
Tuition for each and all Guest Educator seminars is $400 per person. 
To book, please call  212 242 7786 ext 207 or email loretta@arrojonyc.com
Please Note: All ARROJO Guest Educator Seminars are with Owners and Stylists from ARROJO Ambassador Salons. Each Guest has a proven track record of providing world-class education, have taught classes with us before, and have an intrinsic understanding of our approach to modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing, while also having the confidence and skills to bring a fresh perspective. For more info on their career history, we recommend reading about them online. . . 
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