Kicking off a series of Guest Educator Seminars at our Advanced Academy, this past weekend’s Dry Hair Cutting Class with ARROJO Ambassadors David Gatt and Jason Smith from Square Root Salon, Albuquerque New Mexico showed the value of fresh hairdressing perspectives. 
During two days of active learning, attendees watched David and Jason’s demonstrations before practicing dry cutting long, medium, and short styles in hands-on workshops. 
“I went in wanting to relearn dry hair cutting but I actually learned a new, better way to approach dry cuts,” says Kevin Gatto, owner and stylist of Verde Salon. 
“I learned so much. I only wish I had known these skills earlier in my career. Dry hair cutting is amazing!” says Meagan Brauman, stylist at The Epiphany of Hair Design. 
“Great educators; very well rounded with multifaceted knowledge. They showed a lot of infectious passion when sharing their understanding of dry hair cutting,” says Nicole Candullo, stylist at Craft + Theory, NJ. 
“Very informative, very nice, lots of fun. Awesome all round experience,” says Suzi Wilson, stylist at Bangz Salon & Wellness Spa, NJ. 
Educators David and Jason were equally effusive. 
David Gatt: ”We are thrilled to be a part of the ARROJO Ambassador network; this opportunity exemplifies why it is such a special program. Our vision is to invest in others and what better place to do this than at ARROJO Academy NYC. It was great to see and feel the inspiration from a class full of stylists who had traveled from far and wide to work with us. We are grateful to bring Square Root Salon's dry haircutting concepts to the Big Apple. Beauty To The People!” 
Jason Smith: “It was such a pleasure to be in NYC. Getting a chance to share Square Root Salon’s knowledge and be part of the melting pot of continuing education that ARROJO creates –– wow!  It was a pleasure to teach. I was so impressed with the open minds and willingness to learn our techniques from the whole class. Sharing the craft of hairdressing is one of the things that excites me most about being a stylist and to bring that to ARROJO is special.” 
See Images of the Dry Hair Cutting Seminar Below.