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Filled with emollients and keratin to restore luster and luminance, strength and vitality, Repair Masque puts the health and goodness back into dry, dull and defeated hairstyles. This is how we use it. . . . 
Traditional Application: Shampoo, rinse and apply Hair Repair Masque to damp hair. Leave in for ten minutes before rinsing. Use like this weekly on damaged hair or as an occasional treat for all hair types. 
Make Your Own Hair Treatment: After masque application, cover hair with a shower cap, warm towel, or saran wrap. Leave on for 20-30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Do this once a week for severely dry and brittle hair and once a month for all other hair types –– it mimics the benefits of an in-salon conditioning treatment.  
If You’re Enjoying Sun & Sea: To protect hair from the drying and damaging effects of salt or chlorine, rinse hair and apply a quarter-size of Repair Masque to strands before diving in to a pool or the ocean. It will form a protective barrier that stops salt or chlorine penetrating the cuticle. After swimming, rinse hair again. 
Quick Fix: Use Hair Repair Masque in lieu of your regular conditioner whenever you’re short on time, yet feel like your hair needs extra love. Leave-in for two minutes, then rinse. You’ll get most of the benefits of a 10-minute application, leaving hair soft, shiny, and lustrous.  
Hair Repair Key Ingredients, Features & Benefits: 
Keratin Protein: Repairs, strengthens, and improves overall condition of hair
Coconut Oil: Natural emollient
Oat Proteins: Gives hair improved body and elasticity
Silk Amino Acids: Smoothes hair texture
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