ARROJO American Color Wave Launched at Happy Mondays

Last night’s Happy Mondays was an extra special occasion. An American Wave edition of our renowned two-hour master-jam, a hundred hairdressers crammed in as Nick Arrojo and his team of world-class texture specialists gave an inaugural American Color Wave presentation. “Color Wave,” said Nick, “enables stylists to combine the magnetic power of vibrant, striking color with the beautiful elegance of textures with artful tousle and flow, which means a new avenue of services to offer to clients.” 
After Nick’s opening speech, where he explained how the American Wave service  “creates soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns for a new generation style-conscious consumers,” Amanda Jenkins and Tabitha Baker showed the audience different setting techniques for a range of effects, from soft and natural to big and bountiful.  
Our American Wave pioneers also performed these editorially-inspired hair setting procedures on live models. As they did, Amanda and Tabitha talked through the benefits of the service, including how ‘soft tools’ enable the versatile wrapping techniques and reduce stress on hair; the specialized waving lotion and ionic technology, meanwhile, is noted for an ability to smooth the cuticle for organic-looking swing and movement. 
While these waves processed, Nick and fellow master stylist, Gerard Scarpaci, cut the hair of two models who had had American Wave services earlier in the day. The pair showed how to use scissors and razor –– with a blend of technical precision and intuitive thinking –– to perfectly distribute the weight of each curl so that it expands with visual body and bounce. Spotlighting the graceful tumbling textures and highlighting the brilliant potential of this revolutionary salon service, this was a virtuoso display of trends, artistry, technique. 
When Amanda and Tabitha returned with their muses, Nick lined up all of the night’s models for a remarkable visual representation of the power of American Wave. With everything from cascading beach waves to increased volume to indiscriminate winding shapes to the twists and turns of full blown curls, it shows American Wave to be on the vanguard of fashion and beauty’s drift towards the new wave of enhanced natural texture. 
American Wave & American Color Wave are Thio and Ammonia free. In order to practice the service in your salon you must be certified by ARROJO in American Wave products, tools and techniques. We offer one-day certification classes at our Advanced Academy, New York, at the Goldwell Academy, Santa Monica, and at Ambassador Salons around the country. The next certification date is August 11th, where we will hold a certification class in New York, as well as a certification class at Visions Salon, Wellington, Florida. Click here for details. Or, for more general information, please call Nicole on 212 242 7786 ext 213. Or email: