Drafted for instant gratification, economic satisfaction, fabulous cut, color, and style the  Client Charter is your constitution for looking great, feeling fabulous all of the time. Updated every month, it rewards clients for custom and loyalty and provides the best bang for your buck at ARROJO.




Makeover magician. Celebrity stylist. The world's best razor-cutter. Author of the Great Hair Book. Multi-award-winning pioneer of modern hairdressing. An appointment with Nick Arrojo is the ultimate prestige hair salon experience. And despite a chockablock schedule, we're still making it easier to see the man himself. Book an appointment with Nick on the following days and the Client Charter reduces his regular price of $500 to $300.


November 5th 
November 26th 


Please Note: Nick’s New Days are strictly limited. The discounted appointments cannot be moved to any other dates or times, nor can they be combined with any other offer.


The Featured Stylist of the Week promotion offers you 25% off all services with the Featured Stylist for the entire week that that stylist is in the spotlight. 
From Nov. 3rd to Nov. 8th, Alis is the Featured Stylist. A precise and creative cutter, blending artistry and vision with technique, Alis’ regular price is $83. The Featured Stylist brings his price down to $62.25. 
From Nov. 9th to Nov. 16th, Nadia is the Featured Stylist. A popular colorist, she wow clients with her commitment to quality color and service. Nadia’s regular price is $83. The Featured Stylist brings her price down to $62.25.
From Nov. 17th to Nov. 23rd, Chad is the Featured Stylist. A cutter with a rounded background, great experience, and rare talent and technique, Chad’s regular price is $88. The Featured Stylist brings his price down to $66.



Anytime during October, you can purchase four professional blow-dries for the price of three. With a regular price of $64 the price of four blow-dries is $256. But pre-pay in October and you can get four blow-dries for just $192. 
Then, the appointments for these four blow-dries can be made for any date and time in 2014, making this a great time to stock up on blow-dries a year of parties and dances, lunches and brunches...


Think ahead and save hard earned cash: Pre-book, on the day of your service, your next appointment for within SIX weeks, and receive a 10% discount when you return.


Our most popular promo is available from 11:30 till 4:45, Monday to Thursday. Rewards for Bringing a a Friend means existing clients can bring a friend who has never been to ARROJO studio before and you get two cuts and/or colors for the price of one. New to salon clients can also bring a new to salon friend and take advantage of the same offer.


Please Note: existing clients must refer a person who is new to salon. If you are new to salon, you can bring another new to salon friend to use this offer. Both appointments must be booked on the same day with the same stylist. If you bring more than one friend, so long as all appointments are booked together and fulfilled on the same day, each person will receive a 50% discount on the cost of their service. If there is an odd number, one person may see a different stylist. The offer is applicable Monday through Thursdays from 11:30 till 4:45, until November 30. Please Note: This offer is not available with Nick Arrojo.