Frosted Matte
Frosted Matte features virtuoso modern razor-cuts; layers and bobs with rounded bangs, heavy fringes, and the artful deconstruction of shape. 
Yet it is the colors that surprise and delight. These whimsical shades scintillate in a range of metallics, from fox fur grey to dusty rose to moss green to translucent tones of pink and blue. 
By choosing to work with pastel, concrete, and dusty colors––rather than more traditional tones like red and brown––by tailoring the color applications to the shape of cut, and by using innovative foiling and hand-painting techniques that blend tones seamlessly, we are able to put an iridescent quality into each hue.
Whether looking at the long, layered look in a variety of pastels; the dusty grey into translucent rose with an opaque base; the high fashion grey with blue at the root; or the natural raven-head transitioning into moss green, we use multi-layered colors that produce a luminous, optical phenomenon––colors change when seen from different angles, or when styled in a new way.
Inspired by the candy-coated, pastel-gelato color palettes, Frosted Matte is our vision of beauty’s new zeitgeist.
Cut - Lina Arrojo, Color - Ali Eskridge, Zach Norman
Lina Arrojo
Pedro Zoo