1. Long & Textured
  2. Loose Classic Layer
  3. Short Square Layer
  4. Tight Graduation
Razor Mens Cutting DVD

Four cuts detailing a modern and creative approach to successful razor-cutting for men. Each cut improves technical application, creative awareness, precision, and versatility, while the insights from ARROJO razor masters ignite and inspire. Go to new levels of technique, approach each men’s razor cut with confidence, improve artistry and vision, and unlock your true creative potential in razor cutting for men.

Long & Textured

Learn to use internal layering to create a masculine short to long feel. Master techniques that eliminate bulk, shaping a soft, textured look. Ascertain the correct method for a strong perimeter shape. Presented by Amanda Jenkins.

Loose Classic Layer

Learn to combine texture, elevation, and strong shape. Understand how to blend weight with the tipping technique. And see how long, open, aggressive strokes create looseness and space. Presented by Chuck Olson.

Short Square Layer

Learn to razor cut a men’s square layer with movement and fluidity. Understand working against the head shape, layering from front to back, and then from back to sides to create playful, messy texture. Presented by Nick Arrojo.

Tight Graduation

Learn to build shape and structure with a razor; understand how to undercut for balance and variation with length; and discover how to connect sections visually and technically. Presented by Nick Arrojo.