1. Circles Technique
  2. Classic Full Head Dimensional Highlighting Technique
  3. Inverted V Technique
  4. Partial Foil Technique
  5. See Saw Sectioning Technique
  6. X Pattern Highlighting Technique
Color Trend Volume 1 DVD

Color Volume 1 features insight and inspiration from ARROJO master colorists. On six different models, we showcase six modern color techniques sure to get you, and your work, noticed. ARROJO color education teaches increased versatility, and a contemporary, client-friendly approach for perfect style and authentic color.

Circles Technique

The circles technique uses natural parting and fall, and circular foiling patterns, to create modern variation in tone. It also puts brightness and pop in the perfect position. Presented by James Edick.

Classic Full Head Dimensional Highlighting Technique

Learn to maximize depth and dimension, with highlights. Create bold and fashion-forward color with this classic technique. Presented by Ellie Coates.

Inverted V Technique

Learn to apply the inverted V on asymmetrical styles to create bold and soft color tones, customized to different sections of the cut. Presented by Abby Theis.

Partial Foil Technique

Master the partial foil and discover an economic way to ensure the best use of natural parting and fall in every style. Presented by Ellie Coates.

See Saw Sectioning Technique

See saw sectioning is a contemporary technique to confidently customize color placement and tone for each client. Presented by Abby Theis.

X Pattern Highlighting Technique

Learn to use the X pattern technique for progressive color placement that is tailored to the shape and style of each cut. Presented by James Edick.