At ARROJO, everyone from trainees to master stylists, through to brand founder, Nick Arrojo, gets to test and give feedback on each product as it is developed. From packaging to performance, this exercise is why we are so proud of our new Wave Mist, a hair-styler that makes creating trendy, beachy, bohemian, and surfer-chic looks a breeze. 
Here’s why Wave Mist is making us swoon. 
  • The Packaging: Though nothing to do with performance, beauty product packaging should evoke a sense of what the product is about, be it luxury or fun. We worked on a  shiny, multicolored metallic label featuring a color gradient reminiscent of a late summer sunset. Adding visual and textural interest, it helps the mind’s eye conjure images of tumbling cascades of tousled texture.
  • The Sprayer: As professionals we can confidently say that this is the best product sprayer that we’ve ever worked with. By design, not accident, it evenly distributes a beautiful, fine mist without spitting or clogging. 
  • The Fragrance: The fragrance is intrinsic to a luxurious beauty product experience. We spent almost a whole year looking for a scent that would lift us up like a gentle sea breeze. Blending guava and lily, now we have one. 
  • Non-Sticky, Versatile Performance:  When we took a test bottle of Wave Mist to a photo-shoot and found that we could layer, and layer, and layer it into the hair to create a range of effects without the style ever getting sticky, crunchy, gross, greasy, gritty, or unmanageable we knew it was a winner. 
  • Great for the Wake Up & Wear: Busier and busier lives, and the dry hair care craze, means that we want and need quicker, easier, more simplistic hairstyling routines for the day to day. On dry or damp, unwashed hair mist in Wave Mist and softly scrunch and tousle for an undone but done, cool girl look. 
  • The Features & Benefits: Wave Mist contains sea salt and sea kelp extract, which help to nourish strands and maintain softness with texture. It also contains panthenol, which helps to shine, moisturize, and thicken the hair. 
Experience Wave Mist at ARROJO Studio NYC, in an ARROJO Ambassador Salon, or via our online shop. 
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