Got curls? Prefer them soft and flouncy, not hard and crispy? ARROJO Curl Definer is for you. A hybrid gel-based-serum for perfectly formed curls, it is part of an imaginative family of ARROJO products designed to elevate the timeless beauty and grace of textured tresses. . . . 
Like all ARROJO styling products, Curl Definer boasts lots of versatility, creating a variety of ways to use it. 
For Natural Texture Styling: Curl Definer is a great ‘wash and wear’ product. Comb it through towel-dried hair for even distribution and then gently cup, squeeze, and scrunch hair with hands to encourage a natural curl formation with softness and bounce. 
For Lots of Big Bouncy Curls: If you want lots of body and big curls, diffusing is the best way to go. Towel-dry and apply Curl Definer evenly through the hair; diffuse till dry. This is great for adding bounce and curl, strength and structure, hold and definition while keeping curly hair frizz free. 
For a Surprising Change Up: With lots of hold and a modern, gel-serum formulation, Curl Definer is surprisingly good for blow-drying textured hair straight and smooth. Work through wet hair roots to ends and blow-dry on high heat with a boar bristle round brush to create a straight style with hold, shine, flyaway and humidity defense. 
Key Ingredients & Benefits:
-- Kiwi Fruit Extract is a moisture-rich antioxidant adding shine and strength.
-- Matricaria Flower Extract protects and conditions the hair, encouraging curls. 
-- Henna Leaf Extract anti-oxidizes and keeps the hair soft.
Sizes & Prices: 1.7 FL. OZ: $10.50 // 5.1 FL. OZ: $22.00
“One product that rocks my hair world is Curl Definer,” says ARROJO stylist, Corrinn Dinan. It’s great for my clients with really curly hair because it gives lots of options, and creates expansion, while keeping everything playful, controlled, and frizz-free.”
Give Curl Definer a test-drive at ARROJO Studio NYC with a hair appointment or simply by enjoying our tester products and a complimentary consultation. You can also visit our online store or shop via the free ARROJO App.