Get PrIMP Working Spray & Shipping gifted with online orders over $60 till 05/22/17. Using wild geranium, lemongrass & aloe, PrIMP working spray offers heat-protection, playful hold & shine & fast-drying humidity defense.
Add $60+ to your cart  & PrIMP Working Spray & Shipping will auto-add to your order. Free Shipping is always applied to orders over $50.*
PrIMP Working Spray Features & Benefits: 
Wild Geranium: Creates a Humidity Defense Shield 
Lemongrass: Calms Flyaways, Adds Shines 
Aloe Vera: Moisturizing Emollient To Keep Hair Supple & Soft 
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*Offer Excludes Gift Card & DVD purchases ** In the contiguous US only 
** In the contiguous US only 
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