Zach Norman, Team Leader at ARROJO Studio Williamsburg, ace of the ARROJO creative team, and creative color & texture specialist came to ARROJO with award-winning artistic experience from Salt Lake City. With Fashion Week, Sundance Film Festival, and editorial styling for ARROJO collections, Frosted Matte & Holographic on his resume— there’s no dulling his shine. Zach dropped by to talk ARROJO Williamsburg, the impact social media has made on hairdressing, and his current obsession, dimensional hair color.
Tell me about how you got into the hair business?
I was working in cosmetic dermatology— I really liked being hands on and making people feel good. However in the medical field you have to go to school for a long time, so I was looking for something that would allow my hard work to move me up the totem pole. Then a cosmetology school opened up in my hometown and I got into it. I worked in Salt Lake City, for 7 years and I’ve been in New York for 5 years now!
What brought you from Salt Lake City to NYC?
I came to New York to further my career.  I wanted to be at a salon where I was going to learn, and that’s what attracted me to ARROJO. ARROJO really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was not a creative colorist before I came here, I was much more conservative. ARROJO & the aesthetic of the brand really helped to push me to new heights.
Were you always more into color than cutting?
Yes, I have always loved the marriage of chemistry & science with artistry & painting. I like using both sides of the brain. 
You’re the team leader of ARROJO Williamsburg. Congrats on celebrating 2 years! What do you for see for the future of ARROJO Williamsburg?
I really see it being a staple in South Williamsburg. When people think of South Williamsburg, they will think of ARROJO. We have been doing so many events from braid nights, to make up nights, to barre & yoga nights! We do so much there that no matter if you are getting your hair done or not, every week people will be coming into the salon. 
You are also an integral part of the ARROJO Creative Team! Tell me a little bit about your experience on stage and how you go about coloring hair live in front of so many people? 
Doing hair on stage and educating is what I really enjoy doing. Color is such a timed and precise thing. I love the strategy of going about it. I only have 20 minutes on stage so I have to strategize on how am I going to be able to make those 20 minutes the most impactful without compromising the finished look. I really enjoy doing that mental puzzle.
You’ve also been getting a lot of good press in Modern Salon & Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide as well as on Instagram…How has social media changed the landscape of hairdressing?
Social media is huge in the hair industry because people are now researching hairstylists not just relying on their referrals or what’s in the neighborhood. It has become more influential than business cards, even. It gives me another opportunity to reach out to a demographic that wouldn’t necessarily sit in my chair.
How do you use it to your advantage?
I pick and choose what I want to post according to the clientele I want to attract. Right now I’m really into dimensional, lived-in, beachy looks. I really want to push that so that’s what I’m posting. In the fall I was posting jewel-toned colors, like anything, it changes with the seasons.  Essentially, you can curate the demographic that you want to sit in your chair. 
What do you see as the next trend?
Things are pretty dimensional right now. People want to see high contrast color, not necessarily on their part line but weaved throughout the hair. Everything is really natural and lived in right now. Natural and high contrast can really form together to be one and that is what I’m into right now. 
What is your favorite ARROJO product? 
I absolutely love the new Glint Texture & Shine Spray! It helps to create a nice sheen to the hair with a little bit of hold, and it doesn’t compact it. It adds this little bit of lived in finish that helps to expand the hair a little bit more! 
Who is your hair inspiration?
You always think people who inspire you are older than you, but if you get so set on looking for higher ups you’re not going to evolve.  I always look at the people I teach and how they really have no fear almost. The apprentices really push me. 
To book an appointment with Zach, call the Williamsburg Salon at 718.215.6625. To see more of his work, check him out on Instagram.