Textured tops, moving to square shapes in the sides and the back. Asymmetrical, off-center sections creating flat panels and extreme layers. Blunt scissor-cut bangs from a short to long razor undercut. Dark, rich colors with panels of light. Juxtaposition, conceptualized by Lina Arrojo, places together things that seem unworkable, and uses the artistry of contrast to make them work. 
In essence, the collection combines the structure and control of scissor-cutting with the softness and fluidity of razor-cutting. Aesthetically it provides broken shapes that are trendy, modern and livable. Each haircut is versatile, flexible, easily moved into a different shape. 
If scissor-cutting is architecture and razor-cutting is sculpture, Juxtaposition is their perfect synthesis. 
Hair: Lina Arrojo, Hilary Blistad 
Photography: Pedro Zoo
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