With the release of our newest textured and curly hair care collection, American Wave, we want to lay out the best way to utilize each product when washing, styling, and finishing so your hair can be at it’s best, always!


Step 1: For the best styling results shampoo and condition your hair with American Wave ReHab Shampoo and Submerge Conditioner two or three times weekly. Gently shampoo and condition wet hair and finger-comb from mid-lengths to ends to keep the hair tangle-free then  rinse with warm water. In between, use co-cleanse to keep hair clean and refreshed without stripping natural oils. 


Step 2: After washing, add a nickel-size of Hypnotic Curl Calmer liberally to damp hair 


Step 2: Rub a nickel-size of Elixir Defrizzing Gel between palms. Apply to damp or dry hair, raking through from roots to ends.


Step 3: Use a wide tooth-comb or detangling brush and brush though the entire head to really saturate product from roots to ends


Step 4: Dry by way of 3 options

  • Air Dry: Allow hair to dry at natural state, scrunch at roots
  • Diffuse: Using a diffuser attachment circulating around the head, flip center mohawk section from side to side to allow manipulation of volume
  • Hot Tools: Blow dry to 100% & style additionally with curling wand, wrapping sections in alternate directions to encourage a more natural look.

Step 5: Finish with Glint Texture and Shine Spray, using fingers to tousle hair and reactive natural texture


We want to see your results!  Take pictures and tag us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! 


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