One of ARROJO’s latest collections, Sugar Candy, blends trailblazing hair coloring techniques, signature haircuts, inventive product usage, and distorted visuals to recreate the psychedelic experience with chromatic artistry.
While we don’t recommend attempting these bold colors on yourself in your bathroom sink, we can teach you how to do the styling portion of this look. 
With these three ARROJO products (curl enhancer, texture paste, and hair crème) you can achieve salon quality volume in the comfort of your own home.
  1. Apply curl enhancer evenly from roots to ends.
  2. Use a medium ceramic round brush to blow-dry hair away from face for maximum volume. 
  3. Add a quarter-size of texture paste mixed with a dab of hair crème and apply evenly, using hands to comb the hair off the face. 
  4. Style hair away from the face for maximum volume, shape and movement.
Voila! In 4 easy steps you will be on your way to volume-defying hair. 
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