With a Day One presentation of our new editorial direction led by world-renowned editorial stylist, Amanda Jenkins, and a Day Two hands-on workshop to learn the skills featured on the first day, also led by Amanda, ARROJO Expo NYC offers hairdressers the opportunity to watch, learn, practice and master our vanguard approach to editorial hairstyling. 
This year, Amanda’s inspiration comes from the heart of The Wizard of Oz: The Emerald City. Using the shapes and the colors and the textures from that magical land, Amanda’s presentation is an elevated, couture take on whimsical, fashion-forward styles. 
Highlighting an understanding of shape in order to create a range of different textures, the presentation and workshop takes you inside avant-garde hairstyling, suitable for runway shows and editorial portfolios. 
At ARROJO Expo, take the Yellow Brick Road to successful editorial hairstyling. 
Full Details Soon to Be Released
Please Note: If you are an Expo ticket holder, you can secure your place on the Day Two editorial workshop with Amanda Jenkins by calling Gordon Nelson on: 212 242 7786. Or Email: gordon@arrojonyc.com
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