With the world’s top designers descending on NYC to display Autumn-Winter ’17 collections, ARROJO was invited to style the hair for a variety of vanguard Fashion Houses, including SAKU, Sumy Kujon, Chicca Lauldi & Irina Vitjaz. See presentation & behind the scenes images below. 
The ARROJO Artistic Team for Fashion Week was led by Alex (stylist at ARROJO TriBeCa) and Aziza (stylist at ARROJO SoHo), two hairdressers who have wowed us for their creative energy and inspiration. 
“This season we saw a lot of eclecticism,” says Alex. “Irina Vitjaz wanted lots of side-parted glamor waves, which is timeless and classic. At the other end of the spectrum, SAKU was inspired by ‘femi-casual sea creatures,’ so we really had to push the envelope to create styles that matched their vision.” 
Inspired by the 1960s, Grace Kelly, elegance and sophistication, the Chicca Lauldi show was perhaps the most feminine. 
“I loved this presentation,” says Aziza. “Even though it was retro inspired, we were able to portray femininity with a cool modern attitude. The Sumy Kujon show was amazing too. The designer wanted that natural, lived-in perfectly imperfect aesthetic. It is very closely aligned to the type of work that typically comes out from ARROJO, so it made for a great collaboration.” 
ARROJO Hair Teams: 
Chicca Lauldi: Alex, Aziza, Christina, Tarin
Sumy Kujon: Alex, Aziza, Christina, Tarin
Irina Vitjaz: Alex, Aziza, Peggy, Brad
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Images: Steve Nay, Getty & Instagram