When ARROJO studio was expanded and refurbished, the reception became the heart of the design. It is where people gather, and pass through as they go into the salon, academy, or creative offices. Il Tramezzino –– an authentic Italian snack bar serving clients and staff and in-the-know neighbors –– ensures the heart beats to a friendly and tasty drum. 


For a café owned by a hairdressing brand, Il Tramezzino is more than a name; it’s the essence. Although the interpretation describes an Italian version of an English teatime sandwich, the literal translation is ‘a little something in the middle’ –– an apt description of the location. And like the little sandwiches, the café is small in size, yet big on flavor and personality. 


Those Tramezzini are part of a menu that includes panini, pizzette, merende, and salads that are made daily with fresh, authentic Italian ingredients. Gold-stamp Italian coffee, other nonalcoholic refreshments, pastries, cakes and cookies complete an easy menu.


With owners Nick and Lina Arrojo boasting Mediterranean heritage, the concept crystallizes. “We love Italian food,” says Lina. “Freshly baked breads, quality sea salts and olive oils, artisanal meats and cheeses, small plates worth sharing, delicious and decadent treats. Il Tramezzino is the place to come for wholesome, organic, Italian daytime food.” 


After taking ownership of the café, Nick and Lina launched a weekend brunch menu. For a $10 prix fixe, a choice of Truffle Egg Toast, Italian BLT, Cornetto Di Prosciuotto, or other specialties is one of the best deals in the neighborhood. 
But adding to the salon experience is the most important thing: “The weekends are busiest,” explains Nick. “Many people come for color services, and that’s a time consuming process. Offering brunch makes us even more convenient. We are inclusive, not exclusive, so the café is open to everyone. One of the best things is to see non-clients coming in for coffee, or to grab a fast snack or light meal. It adds more energy and life to the space, and that’s where Il Tramezzino excels.”  
Traditional Italian dishes bursting with modern flavor combinations; quirky tables and chairs; an old-fashioned black and white chalkboard propping stainless steel cookie jars –– Il Tramezzino presents an elegant juxtaposition between classic and contemporary, cozy and cool, Italian café and New York City salon.