Recognized from seven seasons as the hairdressing host on TLC’s What Not to Wear, Nick Arrojo is revered for a signature razor-cutting technique, and for building America’s leading independent hairdressing brand. Now the Special Creative Artist for Goldwell, after 30+ years as a stylist he still takes clients on the salon floor. Here’s his message about the philosophy of our New York City Salon... 
“At ARROJO studio, we believe in world-class standards of hairdressing, world-class standards of service, choice and convenience for every client. Guests can expect fashion-forward and functional, beautiful, wearable hair to be the result of our work.   
We practice a modern and creative, precision-based hairdressing method, and we take pride in our standards of excellence and integrity. Our stylists are masters of classic scissor-cutting skills, yet many of our cuts are shaped with a razor, using my own techniques. The straightedge blade creates a tapered outline, which gives styles a contemporary, chic aesthetic. We also use razoring to take out weight and texturize, for those fashionable, perfectly imperfect looks. 
Our specialist hair colorists are just as discerning. We use traditional foil applications and modern freehand hair painting to add vibrancy, texture, depth, and contrast that is always tailored to the client. We see color as intrinsically linked to the cut. With color placement designed with the shape of the style in mind, we put brightness and pop in the perfect position for a wow-factor look.
To maintain the standards of hairdressing that I expect, our stylists must complete an intensive training program. Through advanced education initiatives, each year we also train thousands of hairdressers across America. But education doesn’t stop there. I also believe in educating clients. We provide hair care advice and styling tips and tricks to help you get the most enjoyment, and beauty, out of your style every day. After all, when you look good, we look good. 
Our holistic philosophy fuels a culture of creative energy and inspiration, which in turn drives the passion, pride, professionalism that makes us strive to be the best in the world at what we do.” –– Nick Arrojo 
If you’d like to know more about Nick’s hairdressing philosophy, you can purchase his “Great Hair” Book from our online store.