We are proud to announce that March 2-3, 2014, will be the first West Coast Summit of ARROJO Education. Hosted by and in collaboration with AJF Sacramento, this two-day event is open to all hairdressers, and brings our unique brand of advanced and inspirational, career-shaping education to our friends further west. 
The event is being held at the Federico Beauty Institute. On Sunday, March 2nd, there is an evening presentation with Nick Arrojo and the ARROJO Artistic Team, as well as Adam Federico, AJF Creative Director, and his AJF team showcasing their own insights and inspirations for trend-focused craftsmanship and creativity. 
ARROJO’s inspirational evening presentation will be a trailblazing closeup look at the direction of American hairdressing, focused on dynamic scissor and razor cuts and artisan color trends. With Nick and his Artistic Team showing shapes and shades from New York’s bricolage of graphic, multi-textured, and polychromatic styles, expect a bespoke, perceptive show from the highest echelon of the craft.
Then on Monday March 3rd we facilitate ten separate full-day seminars from the ARROJO Education Calendar, including a business-centric workshop facilitated by Nick Arrojo. Each seminar will touch on some of the specific skills featured in the presentations from the night before, and will include demonstration and hands-on work under the guidance of ARROJO master stylists.
Attendees can choose which one of the ten seminars they wish to attend. The choices are:
Business Success Seminar Led by Nick Arrojo, this seminar is aimed at business owners who want to implement our key tenants for salon success. Touching on efficiency and productivity, financial prosperity, and educating and training your team, the conclusion leads you to your own business plan for future success. Available
Dry Cutting An innovative approach that enables stylists to create fluid movement in all hairstyles, while enjoying the beautiful craftsmanship of dry haircutting. Available
Scissor and Razor Fusion Master using a combination of tools and a free-flowing yet structured technique that encourages hairstyles with organic movement and form. Available
American Wave Learn to maximize natural texture to create buoyant, resilient curl patterns that are fabulous and full, while obtaining American Wave certification for in-salon use.
Seminar Sold Out
Razor Advanced Learn to bring weightlessness, swing and movement, and creative versatility to your own razor-work. Available
Men’s Hairdressing For stylists who want to create contemporary and cool men’s styles, from timeless cuts to fashion-forward looks. Available
Creative Scissor-Cutting Master scissor-cutting techniques that provide an intuitive understanding of shape, function, and form.
Seminar Sold Out
Razor Fundamentals Improve technique, precision, and discover how the straightedge blade takes your creative edge to the next level.
Seminar Sold Out
Hair Painting Learn to create effects ranging from soft and natural to bold and creative.
Seminar Sold Out
Editorial Styling Learn to shape looks on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends. Perfect for hairdressers who want to work in the fashion industry.
Seminar Sold Out
ARROJO Education West Coast Summit
March 2nd & 3rd, 2014
@ The Federico Beauty Institute
1515 Sports Drive Sacramento, CA 95834
Full Event Ticket: $350 
Sunday Evening Presentation Ticket: $75
Please Note: If you can’t attend the second day of hands-on education, we are also offering tickets to the Sunday Evening Presentations Only. These Inspiration Tickets are just $75. 
Tickets are available now. 
To purchase the Full Event Ticket, please click here
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Once you have purchased your event ticket, please contact us directly to secure your spot on the day two seminar of your choice. To do so, please email: Loretta@arrojonyc.com.Or Call: 212 242 7786 ext 207.  
For inquiries and more information, you may also use the contact information above. 
ARROJO Education Summit: Make Your Impression