Till May 3, we are helping you to shine like a diamond. Spend $50 in our online store and Shine Spray and Shipping will both auto add to your order. Below, find four of our favorite ways to use Shine Spray for scintillating spring and summer styles. . .  
Spend $50 online and Shine Spray and Shipping will both auto add to your order. Available till 5/3/16.*
4 Top Tips For Shining Like A Diamond 
Polishing Finisher-Upper: Use Shine Spray as a sultry mist to spray over easy and everyday styles, coating them with polish and glister. Spritz into palms, and coat over the top surface of a finished look, adding sparkle while calming any unruly bits. 
Slinky Blow-Dries: Love a good blow-dry? Like it straight and smooth and silky? Make Shine Spray your best friend. Using a ceramic or boar bristle round brush, apply the product through to the ends, and blow-dry in the same direction with heat. Result: Resplendence.
Tousled Styles: Love a tousled look? Like it rumpled and messy and wavy? Shine Spray adds coruscating light to disheveled ‘dos. Work the product through the hair and blow-dry, using cold air, while tossing tresses around in hands for natural body, bounce, and texture with Shine Spray’s glittering patina.
Wash & Wear Looks: Love to air dry your hair? Like it cool and casual? Shine Spray is great for fighting frizz and flyaway in wash and wear styles. Towel-dry, apply a light coat of Shine Spray to palms and scrunch and tousle it into the style. Once hair is dry, spritz another coat of Shine Spray over the top surface, calming flyways and creating shimmer. 
Shine Spray Key Ingredients 
Coconut Oil hydrates the hair shaft, adding silkiness and shine. 
Wheat Proteins help hair retain moisture and impart brilliant smoothness.
Cumin encourages long and strong, shiny and healthy hair. 
ARROJO: Love Your Hair. We Do.
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