An Expo On Four Ambassadors, For Who We Give Thanks

EXPO ‘18 was one for the books. Memorable moments happened.
One of the memorable moments of  EXPO ‘18 was when we presented awards to the owners of Square Root Salon, D. Anthony Hair Studio, Visions Salon, and Fresh Salon. Four of our most loyal, successful Ambassadors our culture contributes to their success; yet they are also inspirational leaders in their own right, and they deserve recognition for their achievements. Join us as we take another moment to celebrate four bastions of modern American hairdressing.
“For 30 years of ongoing success. The world is all the more beautiful because of you.” 
Established in 1988 by owners Tom and Linda Monticello, Visions Salon, located in Wellington, FL, has an outstanding reputation for modern creative hairdressing. Having recently enjoyed their 30th anniversary, Visions Salon is also a pillar of their community, bringing kindness and warmth, as well as beauty. As an ARROJO Ambassador, they have more than doubled in size and embrace a culture of education. 
“Receiving the ARROJO Legacy Award is a great honor to all of us at Visions Salon.  ARROJO and Expo stand for excellence in our industry, and we are very proud to be a part of it," says Tom Monticello. 
“Congratulations to Tom and Linda and the entire team for 30 amazing years .Thank you for all your massive support and continued success to you all,” says Nick Arrojo. 
“For 7 years of growth & success. The world is all the more beautiful because of you.” 
Owned by David Gatt and Jason Smith, Square Root, Albuquerque, New Mexico is a trendy downtown salon opened in 2011. A contemporary space, Square Root fuses fashion, art and music into their culture, creating a cool uptempo vibe for their clientele. As ARROJO Ambassadors they have dived into the education to enhance expertise, increase passion, and enjoy unprecedented growth. 
“We are truly humbled and honored to have received this award. We love the products mission, and relationship. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share the stage and be recognized. Looking towards the future,” says Jason Smith. 
“With Square Root, we have done everything from fashion show fundraisers to hands-on classes to photo shoots. The passion of the team is palpable; they deserve their incredible success,” says Nick Arrojo. 
“For 7 years of growth & success. The world is all the more beautiful because of you.”
Located in Nyack, New York D. Anthony Hair Studio discovered a renewed commitment to education, excellence, and technique when they joined the Ambassadors Program. Now, the team has grown exponentially while moving into a larger salon in the heart of Main Street. Their specialization in precision scissor and razor hair cutting and modern hair painting makes them the go-to destination in an idyllic upstate NY hamlet.
“This is a great honor for me and my team. It is a symbol of what happens when commitment and direction come together. I reflect back on my ownership and this award helps me realize how far I have come. My business would not be where it is today without the help and guidance of Nick Arrojo and the culture he has created,” says Derek Maldonado. 
“Derek epitomizes the value of education and work. He has become a platform artist, mentor and thought-leader while his business enjoys incredible growth,” says Nick Arrojo. 
“For 7 years of growth & success. The world is all the more beautiful because of you.”
Fresh is a fashionable salon in Charlotte, NC owned by Julia and Jason Vittorio. A welcoming and knowledgeable staff devoted to providing clients with beautiful, healthy hair in a relaxing atmosphere distinguishes their business. A commitment to education, inspiration, and great products underpins their relationship with ARROJO, and we continue to strengthen an alliance rooted in excellence, education, creativity, and innovation. 
“Receiving this award at Expo was a complete surprise! Teaming up with ARROJO means consistent, quality education. The products offer our clients variety, creativity, and confidence. It’s great to be recognized for our loyalty to a brand that gives our team so much. Thank you," says Julia Vittorio.
“Julia and Jason's progressive approach to the business and the craft of hairdressing is a shining example for anyone who wants an enduring career in the industry,” says Nick Arrojo. 
Owner of Visions Salon, Tom Monticello receiving the LEGACY AWARD at ARROJO Expo 2018.
Owners of Square Root Salon, David Gatt & Jason Smith receiving the ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD at ARROJO Expo 2018.
Owner of D. Anthony Salon, Derek Anthony receiving the ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD at ARROJO Expo 2018.
Owner of Fresh Salon, Julia Vittorio who won ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARD at ARROJO Expo 2018, alongside Nick Arrojo on stage at an ARROJO Exposè.